Lozenec and landmarks

No need to choose whether to go to the mountains or the sea, just visit Lozenets. The village is small , cozy and comfortable. Dominated by two and three storey houses transformed into cozy little hotels or accommodations for residents.  Dotted with greenery .

It combines mountain and sea climate . Average summer temperatures range between 22-25 degrees for the months of June and September and between 26-31 degrees in July and August. Measurements show that sea water village is cleaner on the Bulgarian coast and the presence of beneficial trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine , etc. . are highly valued by specialists from around the world .

Information about the history of the village is scarce. Established in 1924 as a resting place for people from the neighboring village of Velika, because there was no access to the sea . Originally called Emberly ( Ember = good smell ) , named after the famous grape variety , because of the many vineyards around, and was later renamed Lozenets.

In Lozenets is “St. George ” – built entirely with donations. Only 1 km northwest of Lozenets just before the beautiful Coral Beach is the cave Bear Hole , surrounded by two heavenly beaches . Her name is given many years ago by old fishermen caught a pair of seals ( seals ) in their networks. Near the resort village is located and can be seen :

• Strandja National Park ;

• Rivers Veleka Karaagach Devil ;

• Ropotamo Nature Reserve – located only 15 km. from Lozenets . Tourists are boat trips along the river every day of the week ;

• Great Village and the Botanical Garden of family Seraphim – located 4 km. southwest of Lozenets and tourists can buy some of the offered plant species;

• Village Resovo fortress Kastritsion and Silistar Bay – located 25 km. south of Lozenets, the estuary Rezovska where is the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. The village is the southernmost point on the Black Sea coast and has a rich ancient history ;

• Beglik Tash – The Bulgarian ” Stone Henge ” – located in the buffer zone of the reserve Ropotamo 14 km . from Lozenets .

• 2 km from Sozopol, inland to the village Ravadinovo rises strange romantic and majestic building. Seen from the air, looks like a cross, seen from the lake – a fairy tale . This is the castle of G.Tumpalov .